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We humans consist of - and are part of - nature's magical life energy. There are also energies in us that stand in the way of the body being able to heal and find its balance. Joy of Change can help identify and remove these blocking energies, whether they are emotional, mental or spiritual forms of energy. Then we give the body the best conditions to find its way back to its natural state of well-being.

Joy of Change applies a holistic, energy medicine and cause-based approach to healing, as all parts of us are interconnected and influence each other. To help, we offer sessions with various natural energy medicine treatment methods. Instead of your life today being marked by negative events in the past or a worry about future life experiences, we want to help you experience well-being and joy here and now. It's a trip worth making!

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This is what we use at Joy of Change


This simple and safe method will help you change how you experience yourself and your surroundings. A method that supports the process of implementing the changes you want. Or to accept the circumstances and yourself as you are.

It can also help remove blockages that stand in the way of a natural self-healing of body and soul.

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90 min session€150
Preferably the first session.
60 min session€90

The follow-up sessions.

Paket med tre sessioner€320
One 90 min. session and two 60 min. sessions.
Online-session via Zoom, FaceTime or similar.



The Emotion Code® / The Body Code™

With The Emotion Code® we find and release trapped emotions. An emotion or feeling is an energy and can get stuck in the body's system and limit our health. Emotions can also be picked up by others or inherited. They can settle around the heart and form a Heart-Wall®. Here is an opportunity to get rid of our emotional backpack.

The Body Code™ is a patented, revolutionary energy balancing system, designed to help us discover the root causes of discomfort, imbalances and suffering in body and mind. With communication with the subconscious, we are guided and decode the imbalances, wherever in our system they are. The Emotion Code is part of The Body Code.

Sessions easily done via Zoom or other on-line services.

The Body Code works very well with animals.

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30-min. session€50
At 30 min session we use the time effectively to identify and release blocking energies..
60 min. session€90
At 30 min session we use the time effectively to identify and release blocking energies.
Bundle: 3 sessions à 30 min€130
Bundle: 3 sessions à 60 min€250
Bundle: 5 sessions à 30 min€230
Bundle: 5 sessions à 60 min€420


This type of pleasant and relaxing foot massage gives the body the best opportunities for recovery and repair. Reflexology stimulates the powers of self-healing. By massaging the feet, we get to treat other parts of the body through the zones that connect them to other parts of the body. It feels nice and does good!

45-min. treatment€60
A treatment with a focus on relaxation, preventive health or subsequent treatment of an imbalance.
60 min. treatment€75

A first time treatment of an imbalance, a longer stress release treatment or a treatment combined with ear acupuncture or acupressure.

5 treatments à 45 min€255

5 treatments à 60 min€320





In traditional Chinese medicine, body, soul and spirit belong together as an integral part of man. These are also linked to nature's energies, seasons and weather factors. Many of the Chinese's millennial theories can now be put together with newer medical findings. Needles, pressure and movement are used to make the energies flow harmoniously, and we come into balance.

Ear acupuncture, or auriculotherapy, originates in the human development of the functions of the nervous system. Simple, fast and effective treatment.

90-min. treatment€110
First-time sesasion where we the identify tha imbalances and how to treat them the best way.
45 min. treatment€60
Follow-up treatments.
30 min. treatment€50
For ear acupuncture.

Other treatments and consultations

Along with the main forms of therapy, Joy of Change has some other methods and tools to offer on the road to better health and increased quality of life. These can be used as an individual intervention, as a complement or aid in another treatment or consultation. Get in touch if you want to know more!


Posturology is the study of the upright position of the body. If this system is not in balance, it can manifest itself in muscle pain, back pain, balance problems, cognitive disorders (dyslexia, depression, concentration). We treat with needles, muscle relaxation and any special soles.


These soft, slow movements that we do in qigong help the body to come into balance, to get mental peace and land in the present. We can practice the movements that the individual needs and can practice regularly at home. If more people are interested, we can have group training.


Reiki is a complementary treatment in which a therapist places his hands on or above an area of ​​the body and transfers what is called the "universal life energy" to the client, a kind of healing. A treatment feels like a wonderfully glowing radiance that flows through you.
Tarot cards

Tarot cards

Tarot cards have been used as a guide for people for hundreds of years. We also use the cards to receive spiritual and divine messages when we ask for it. They can be very helpful when we consciously do not understand what is going on. With the cards there is a lot of wisdom and insights to be gained.
Dietary advice

Dietary advice

The importance of food for our health cannot be overemphasized. If you wish, we can talk dietary advice and advice for vitamins, minerals, herbs and other supplements. We look at the individual connection between food / health and future needs.
Muscle meridians

Muscle meridians

When tension develops in muscles, it can create imbalances elsewhere in the body. We connect the meridians from Chinese medicine and the different muscle groups in the body, when we with nice pressure and touch find out where it is best to dissolve the tensions.

Book tip

Gain new insights and inspiration


Bruce Lipton´s "The Biology of Belief"

in Swedish or Norweigan!

The book tells how cells are affected by their environment, how our biochemistry is affected by our perception, our beliefs, our thoughts and the environment. With the help of simple language, illustrations, humor and examples from everyday life, dr. Lipton how the new research in epigenetics revolutionizes the understanding of the connection between soul, mind and matter, and what fundamental effects it has on our lives and our species as a whole.
The price for the Swedish version "Tro, Dogmer och Biololgi" is €22 and for the Norwegian version "Bevisshetens Biologi" €35 including shipping.


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